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We are expert breeders with so many years of experience in breeding of Parrots. We offer healthy, sociable, perfect and extremely talented parrots to many families like yours and will continue providing wonderful additions of lovely Birds for many years to come.

birds for sale – From baby parrots to beautiful couples

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Established since 2009, we are Steadily very renowned and proven Parrot Breeders. As a result of our experience, our parrots for sale nationwide ( and worldwide )  are healthy and all vet checked and up to date with their vaccines. From the egg to parrotlet and then the fully-grown bird, all our birds are grown in the best conditions for adoption. How much do parrots cost?


Parrots For Sale – Adoption Ready

Parrot isn’t the only talker. This bird is also known for its extreme intelligence and is nicknamed the “Einstein Bird”. parrots for sale uk.The color of the children is similar to that of adults, but the eyes are usually grey to black and the underside of the tail is some time red,black or grey depending on the kind of parrot . Parrot for sale , compared to the yellow which blankets the dark eyes of older birds. It has an average weight of 400 g (0.88 lbs), 33 cm (13 inches)jungle boys seeds long, Parrot for sale, and has a wingspan of 46-52 cm (18-20 inches).Parrot for sale, talking parrots for sale Petco


birds for sale – From baby parrots to beautiful couples

This is going to be a heart-melting moment. Don’t even try to keep your emotions in check once you see what Parrot are available now. Why? Because listening to your heart is the only right way to buy a parrot online.

Would you like to own a male or female Parrot? Or maybe you’ve already bought an extra-large cage for an adorable pair of parrots? Fortunately, all our Parrot are DNA-sexed, and some are even available as couples. Also, we have cute baby birds that you can reserve by making a deposit. We will then get your birdie to you when they’re old enough to be shipped.


Forestry Parrot Breeders: Expand your family with a feathered friend

Accomplished mimics, avid talkers, compassionate friends… Parrot can take on many roles. That’s why they make ideal pets for humans who are ready to expand their families. If this sounds like you, Parrot Farm is where you can get your birdie.

Our Parrot are tamed, hand-raised, and exposed to people for early and healthy socialization. They can be easily trained and aren’t wary of humans and other pets. In other words, they are perfectly ready to make their home in your living room.

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Forestry Parrot breeders

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We guarantee a minimum standard of good behavior to be expected of birds bred and nurtured by us.

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What Our Clients Say?

Our “Jac” is a wonderful little ball of feathers that has us in complete awe. You’ve done a wonderful job in his early life and we thank you for that. I would recommend you to anyone wanting to purchase African Grey or any bird breed that comes from your African Grey Parrots Paradise. Thank you so much”
Kay I. Webb
Happy Customer
OMG!! When you told me that your Macaws were great talkers i wasn’t so sure due to my past experienced with Jig who was so silent and that made me a little sad sometimes. Now I’m so happy that the new baby has already started saying good morning and calling my daughter’s name “Bri”. I will definitely recommend anyone to buy their birds from you. I appreciate everything you did for us…
Catherine Gilbert
Happy Customer

Looking after your bird

Parrot love routine schedules and toys. Their diet preferences are easy to meet, but they do need to spend plenty of time with their owners

Socializing your avian.

As they are flock birds, African greys need socialization. But we’ve taken care of this, so your parrot will be fine with other members of your family.

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