We have created a clean, family friendly atmosphere for you to come visit. We are always working to improve and surprise our friends with enhancements to our facility because we want this to be an interactive and fun place to spend time in!


We take our time, we don’t send our birds home until they have passed our evaluation testing. We wean the birds in full onto solid foods, we ensure they can navigate a cage and perches and we also make sure the bird is capable of flying prior to any grooming to ensure proper socialization. Don’t be fooled there is a lot of hard work involved in raising baby birds. We have a carefully designed system in place to makes sure each bird gets to graduation, to go home and be ready for life with their new family! We don’t send our birds home unweaned as we believe their is too much risk involved in sending the bird home prior to being on solids. We do have a very comfortable visitation center where you are welcome to come play with your bird for as long as you want until it comes home! We encourage all our new bird owners to come hang with your bird as often as you can. The birds and the staff all benefit from the energy of our friends coming to visit often.

Lastly because we appreciate you. We don’t call our customers clients. We call them friends. Why? Because that’s what you are here. Anyone who supports us our store is a friend and is treated like one. We couldn’t be here without you and we want you to know how much you mean to us! We are a local family run store who happily employs a large staff and we are all here for you! Thanks for being an important part of our Journey as a company. We work so hard every day to do the best we can for our animals and our friends!