Budgie and Lady



Buy Blue and gold macaw chicks For Sale come from Central and South America, ranging from Panama to northwestern Paraguay. Often characterized as very outgoing and interactive in temperament, some refer to them as the “clowns” of the large macaw family. Some Blue and Golds become excellent talkers, and some love to “play games” with their owners, like versions of peek-a-boo. Brilliantly colored, they can reach up to 34″ in length (including tail) and live up to 50 years of age or more.

Like all macaws, they have the potential to become extremely cuddly and gentle companions with the whole family. This requires a firm but gentle manner, with a decisive limit setting. Blue Gold Macaw For Sale It is essential to have a physical setting that allows this athletic bird the freedom to move and play. Appropriate cages and play gyms, properly placed, can provide endless hours of entertainment and joy for owner and companion birds alike. Buy Blue and gold macaw chicks.