Blue & Gold Macaw Pairs


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The Blue and Gold Macaw for sale is one of the most beautiful large parrots. It is a sweet-tempered and affectionate parrot and has one of the best all-around personalities of the large Macaws. This bird makes a great companion for a single person. But it is friendly with everyone, including other birds, when it’s well socialized. Although some Macaws are one-person type birds, the Blue and Gold are right at home in a family-type situation as well.

Bima, seen in the picture above, is a hand-fed Blue and Gold Macaw. He originally came to us at the age of about 2 months blue and gold macaw for sale then quickly became everybody’s favorite, as is typical for a Blue and Gold Macaw! Also very fertile blue and gold macaw parrot eggs for sale 

Adaptive to the environment For Blue and Gold Macaw

The Blue and Gold Macaw is very adaptive. Whatever environment they are in, it becomes quite normal for them. If they are around many people, they will accept many people. When well trained and socialized, Blue and Gold Macaws enjoy participating in all sorts of outdoor and public activities with their owners. We’ve seen them attending public festivals in their owner’s arms. One woman regularly took her Macaw with her to Western line dance classes. Another woman would take her Blue and Gold horseback riding with her. There are bird leashes available so you can take your feathered friend wherever you go, and they just adapt. They ride well in a car on a bird car seat.

This is a lively, bouncy bird that loves to play, climb, and interact. They need a couple of hours a day outside a cage to be happy. Blue and gold macaws are eager learners. They can be taught a variety of tricks and they are frequently seen in animal behavior acts. They are also one of the best talking of the Macaws and can learn about 15 to 20 words or expressions. But like all Macaws, this parrot has a loud call, and it may be quite vocal at times.

The Blue and Gold are some of the most readily available of the large Macaws. They are also one of the least expensive Macaws for sale. But like all Macaws, they do require good socialization and consistent training to make good pets. They bond very closely with their humans. They are very affectionate and will want your attention regularly.