Black-Headed Caique


Tamed and adorable black-headed caique for sale

All the parrots will be sold with a hatch certificate and ID steel rings (close rung) on their legs, Hand Tamed and Weaned, Playful, funny, acrobatic, comical, entertaining, amusing, cheerful, these are just some of the words used to describe the Caique (pronounced kigh-EEK). They are known as the clowns of the Parrot world.,

Species: Eclectus Parrot
Color: Green and Red
Sex : Male / Female
Age: 4-11 months
Size: Small (Weaned – Can eat by themselves)
Health: 100% guaranteed
Price varies with age.

24 hrs aftercare service for total peace of mind. We are happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have prior to purchasing regarding cages, housing, diet, or any other concern you may have.


The caiques are species of parrots in the genus Porites. They are relatively small and stocky, with a short, square tail and very bright colors. Their typical weight is 150–170 grams. They are two species, the dark-headed parrot and a white-bellied parrot for sale . We breed Black-headed and White-bellied Caiques. This enables us to instruct planned Caique proprietors with regards to the best possible consideration, taking care of, and socialization of their new pet. Black Headed Caique for sale

Care and Feeding of Black Headed Caique 

Fresh food and water must be provided daily.
In the wild, Black Headed Caiques eat a variety of seeds, berries, fruits, nuts, blossoms, and nectar. In addition to these foods, you can give caique vegetables and commercial pellets. They also enjoy the same nutritional foods humans eat, including cooked chicken, Cooked beans, rice, and grains are also enjoyed, but soft foods like these will spoil in about 4 hours. An occasional millet spray is a nice treat.

Character and Behavior

Caiques are rapidly getting one of the most attractive species to pet proprietors and raisers the same. The Caique is an extremely dynamic, high vitality feathered creature, with restricted talking capacity. A hand-fed Caique makes a caring pet and relative.

Each Caique child raised at Aviary is DNA sexed at around 4 to 5 weeks of age and will come to you with a Certificate of DNA Test Results. This is critical to some pet proprietors in choosing a “sexual orientation fitting” name or for picking an ally for a Black Headed Caique for sale as of now in their home.