Breed : Amazon Parrot
Age : 8 Months
Sex : Male
Size : Young
Color: Skyblue Body
House Trained : Yes ( Hand raise with potty training )
Health : Recently Vaccinated
Parrot Talks and also very friendly


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Large bright colors are often overlooked. These friendly birds can racket when they are really interested and their way of playing is sure to catch their attention. Her big mouth can be scary, but a nice macaw deal makes for a sweet and loving friend. Most of the macaws for sale are mostly green, depending on the species, with a range of bright colors. This macaw for sale eat a lot of grains, nuts, and fruits as well as mixed vegetables. Most Macaw parrots like to take a bath. Shower opportunities include meeting your boss in the shower, taking a spray shower, or jumping into the basin and splashing all the water. Bathing is an important part of Macaw’s hair health. The Convention on International Wildlife Trade and the Agreement on Flora are included in the detention of goats for illegal trade in animals to support the protection of wildlife. Macaw parrots tend to display heavy scales because they love food and tend to ask their owners for food.parrots for sale uk

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Many macaw parrots have a great opportunity to mimic human speech and other sounds. Partly because of this, as popular as animals and parrots, a small industry has become a slave breeding ground in this market. Due to this popularity, many parrots have been taken from nature and some species pose a threat. My macaw needs a personal cage with a toy spreader, a gym/playground, a rope to climb on, and/or a stretch or exercise ladder. Macaw cage is a common name for the cage. Medium-sized macaw parrot that originated in the New World from South America to Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.jungleboy seeds