Military Macaw Pairs


A macaw is a bird that needs a great deal of discipline and a highly structured and busy lifestyle in order for it to grow into a well-adjusted pet. These are large birds that need large cages and owners that have a great deal of time.


The military macaw is a large parrot and a medium-sized macaw that gets its name from its predominantly green plumage resembling a military parade uniform. It is native to the forests of Mexico and South America and though considered vulnerable in the wild, it is still commonly found in the pet trade industry. Military Macaw For sale

A highly intelligent Macaw with a calm and steady temperament, they are inquisitive and take most things in their stride. If raised properly and kept well socialized, they make an absolutely tremendous companion, that’s both loving and incredibly affectionate.​
 We do this so they can establish a robust immune system. We raise all our companion babies within our own family environment. Each baby interacts with family members on a daily basis and also experiences/ familiarizes themselves but with different situations and noises associated with general household living. Our baby macaws are raised on a quality formula and weaned onto soaked/sprouted seed, pellets, nuts, fresh fruit, and vegetables