Major Mitchell Cockatoos


We call Cockatoos the “Golden Retrievers” of the bird world because of their easy going nature. Unlike the African Greys and Amazons, the Cockatoos generally love all members of the family unconditionally provided you buy the Cockatoo as a baby and raise it as a family member.


Major Mitchell cockatoo is native to Australia, where it makes its home in the arid inland. These birds nest in pairs in woodlands and treeless areas, always near water. He wrote of the bird, “Few birds more enliven the monotonous hues of the Australian forest than this beautiful species.” this bird is the only member of the subgenus Lophocroa. It’s also the only cockatoo to have a multi-colored crest. Major Mitchell for sale

The temperament of Major Mitchell Cockatoo

Major Mitchell’s cockatoos require a lot of socialization and interaction with owners for their emotional health. This is due to their natural tendency of forming a tightly-knit pair and you will be replicating the “flock” experience the cockatoo requires in the wild.

Since they do tend to bond with one person, Major Mitchell’s cockatoos can show signs of jealousy when their owners interact with other people. They may try to nip or bite the other person to show their irritation. This is one of the reasons why this bird is not a good pet for families with small children.

These birds are extremely intelligent and can be taught tricks. Some do learn to speak, or can at least whistle to get their owner’s attention. They can hit some pretty high notes and have a natural alarm call that will get anyone’s attention.